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Aerospace Industry

Resources for jet aircraft sales, portal for avaition job openings, aircraft simulators, test equipment electronics, micro optics borescopes and more.

We sell cleco fastners, avionics supplies, aircraft parts, and if you have a request for an aircraft engine we will check to see if we can help you

We offer you access to a major aviation portal to help you to apply for a large range of aviation related jobs. From time to time aircraft such as challenger, gulfstream and other aircraft can be found here for sale. We also offer you many dvds on flight simulation on such aircraft as the stealth nighthawk, typhoon eurofighter and many others.

You can buy custom made and Phantom Drones from the industry leader in maufactoring high quality Drones. These are excellent for aerial photography or specialty work, 3D mapping projects etc. The professional cinematographer, surveyor will love these Drones. Financing is available.

3DR Solo Quadcopter

Pilot Hq has David Clark, Lightspeed and ASA air classics head sets. Also available here are Lycoming engine parts, wheel and brake parts, and much more.


Aircraft for Sale

Aviation Directory
Airport Resource Center

Information About Lockeed Martins' Aircraft
Lockheed Martin

Missiles and Fire Control at Lockheed Martin

Information about Boeing Aircraft Company

These are images of various airbus passenger planes

A fair comparison of Airbus A350 and a Boeing 787 passenger jet aircraft

Insight how passenger jets are sold worldwide
In BOEING-AIRBUS rivalry, hidden hand of diplomats

Nasa Video Gallery

NASA News and Features

NASA Science News

Astronomy Picture of the Day

This is the Cats Eye Nebula

Rapid ice melt in Antartica

A new NASA study finds the last remaining section of Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf, which partially collapsed in 2002, is quickly weakening and likely to disintegrate completely before the end of the decade.

A team led by Ala Khazendar of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, found the remnant of the Larsen B Ice Shelf is flowing faster, becoming increasingly fragmented and developing large cracks. Two of its tributary glaciers also are flowing faster and thinning rapidly.

"These are warning signs that the remnant is disintegrating," Khazendar said. "Although it’s fascinating scientifically to have a front-row seat to watch the ice shelf becoming unstable and breaking up, it’s bad news for our planet. This ice shelf has existed for at least 10,000 years, and soon it will be gone."

Read more....

Aviation Safety Reporting
Education on a continuing basis needed to keep the skies safe
Aviation Safety
Weather Reporting for Aircraft
Aviation Weather Reporting
This is one of the largest job portals in the world dedicated in helping people locate jobs in the aviation field.
It is worth checking this site out.


You can buy Vertical Band Saws, Jet Lathe with a 13" swing, 40"centers. This is a Gear Head Lathe, Air Compressor, Differential Pressure Tester, Bearing Separators, Bucking Bars, Drill Bits, Uni Bit Drill, Air Tools, Clecos, Pilot Supplies, Small Aircraft Parts, Jet Drill Press, Die Sets, David Clark and Light Speed Head Sets, Scotsman Wind Socks, Wind Sock Poles, Certified Aircraft Alternators, and much more.


If you are thinking about buying your first aircraft or if you need another aircraft this is a good place to apply for an aircraft loan
Excel Credit

Aircraft loans

Aircraft financing is available here

aircraft simulators aircraft videos
SimShack Simulator: Boeing 787 SimShack Simulator: Boeing 787
SimShack Simulator SimShack Simulator
SimShack Simulator: Fighter Plane SimShack Simulator: Fighter Plane
SimShack aircraft simulator SimShack aircraft simulator
SimShack Simulator: Stealth Bomber SimShack Simulator: Stealth Bomber


Aircraft simulators for f117-Nighthawk stealth fighters, Typhoon fighter planes and Hercules AC-130 gunships - plus other planes.

aircraft simulators available for f-117a stealth,boeing 787 dreamliner,eurofighter typhoon,p-51 mustang fighter and other aircraft.aviation dvds and videos,joy sticks and flight yokes and more
The No. 1 Place for Flight Simulation Add-Ons

Pilot Training Videos and More

your portal to aviation job openings and resume up grading

government auctions
Villiers Private Jet Charter

Newall Digital Readouts - One of the world's premier readout systems
You can order these through our website by sending an email to


Newall's Digital Readout (DRO) Systems offer exceptional value with leading edge technology and productivity enhancing features. Designed for use with the Spherosyn™ and Microsyn™ linear encoders, Digital Readout Systems by Newall are well known for providing the best solutions for any machine application. With rugged die cast chassis and wipe-clean front panels, Newall DRO Systems are built to last. Your Newall digital readout choices include the DP900, C-Series, and A-Series systems shown below.


You can buy a ridgid boroscope 7 feet 6 inches long by 20mm in diameter, fiber optics, replacement compass cards for the john e hand military compass, precision optics , robotics, telescope lens and much more here.
borescopes,test equipment,electronics,mirrors,microscopes,micro optics sold at surplus prices

Peddinghous Iron Worker
This is one of the world's top iron workers made in Germany.
       Anyone who is interested on this machine please email Ron and Fen at:
Highly productive and precise waterjet cutting machine for small and big parts.

water jet

This machine is made by bystronic. 
        Anyone who is interested on this machine
please email Ron and Fen at:

Press Brake
Maximum repetition accuracy at the touch of a button.

press brake
This machine is made by bystronic. 
        Anyone who is interested on this machine
please email Ron and Fen at:

water jet

This machine is made by bystronic. 
        Anyone who is interested on this machine
please email Ron and Fen at:


press brake

This machine is  made by bystronic. 
        Anyone who is interested on this machine
please email Ron and Fen at:


water jet

This machine is made by bystronic. 
        Anyone who is interested on this machine
please email Ron and Fen at:


press brake

This machine is  made by bystronic. 
        Anyone who is interested on this machine
please email Ron and Fen at:
Phone 716 791 6197 Fax 716 625 1312
Machinist Tools

Shop Collectible Models, Kits, Books, Art, Apparel, & MORE!

SKF Bearing Applications

SKF Bearings is a world leader in supplying ( OEM ) bearings to Aerospace ,Automotive and other industries.

Go To GlobalSpec


One Stop Shop For All Your CNC Needs
One Stop Shop for all your CNC Needs

Acklands Granger is a world wide company that offers a large variety of products. Some of the products you can buy from this company are as follows: Machining equipment, hvac and refrigeration equipment, fleet and vehicle maintenance, hardware, paint equipment and supplies, test instruments, hand tools, air tools, pumps and much more.

Legal forms for Canada, UK, USA and Australia

Top software available here from Bob Cad to improve on your cnc machining projects
Machnist Toolbox Software

Enhance Your Machining Capabilities With This New Software

CNC Complex Surfacing Made Easy

Air Nav Systems Available Here. This is a Virtual Radar Site

Locate Information Here for Air Ambulance Services, Airraft Racing, Airports and Airfields, Air Traffic Control, Aerobatics, Aviation Safety, Aviation Accidents, and More.